Our Services – Kensho Realty Corporation

Building Trust through Transparency

Kensho Realty Corporation has a singular mission: to create a transparent real estate market in Japan for the clients we serve. The team comprises a group of professionals, each of them utilizing their expertise in brokerage, underwriting, research, and technology. The talented team has been working together over the past four years, establishing a strong track record and providing access to real estate assets, including residential, hospitality, and mixed-use properties.

Close relationships and trust are the foundations on which we conduct our business within the real estate market. The reputations of our individual team members and our ability to get results have given us access to source off-market deals. We strongly believe that our success rests on our ability to maintain such long-lasting relationships with our clients in both the Japanese and international spheres.

One of the unique services provided by Kensho Realty Corporation is the automation of typical real estate procurement processes. This proprietary technology provides an analytical framework for investment decisions and complements the underwriting process. This allows a property to be selected based on real-time market information.

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