1. 2023-03-15

    CEO Insight: The best time to enter Japan’s residential real estate is coming to an end

    The “window of opportunity” for investors in this market is still wide open. However, for a profitable harvest, they should sow soon.

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  2. 2023-02-15

    CEO Insight: Deglobalization increases Japan’s relevance, also for Investors

    The emerging decoupling of global trade should support Japan’s economy and attract even more foreign real estate investors.

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  3. 2023-01-16

    CEO Insight: Cost of capital in Japan to remain low in 2023

    The normalization of monetary policy that has begun in Japan will cause interest rates to rise only slightly – the Japanese real estate market will retain its attractiveness.

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  4. 2022-12-16

    CEO Insight: US investor propels Japan’s hidden champions into the global spotlight

    Following the entry of US investor Warren Buffet, the uniqueness and strengths of Japanese trading houses are also internationally receiving the attention they deserve.

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  5. 2022-11-15

    CEO Insight: ESG compliance spills over from Europe to real estate investors in Japan

    Japan is developing its own ESG profile. Social aspects of investing are becoming as important as environmental sustainability.

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  6. 2022-10-17

    CEO Insight: Japan differs clearly and positively from Europe and the U.S.

    Investors should pay more attention to the specifics of the world’s third-largest economy when analyzing their investment prospects.

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  7. 2022-09-15

    CEO Insight: Shinzo Abe’s legacy is an open, cosmopolitan Japan

    Under the long-serving Prime Minister, Japan opened up widely to the world outside. Real estate investors are also benefiting from his legacy

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  8. 2022-08-16

    CEO Insight: Learning from Japan means learning hope

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  9. 2022-07-18

    CEO Insight: Big institutional investors set their sights on real estate

    Japan’s “Big Whales” are to invest in real estate to an unprecedented degree – at home and abroad.

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  10. 2022-06-15

    CEO Insight: Weak Yen offers profit opportunities


    Euro investors should take advantage of the current depreciation of the yen to gain exposure to Japan.
    The economic circumstances suggest that the trend will not last.

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