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  1. 2024-02-15

    Blessed are those who are invested in Japan

    Western investors are taking advantage of the strength and liquidity of Japan’s property market. The current reluctance on the buyer side has no performance-specific causes, while sellers are benefiting from the stability of the market.

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  2. 2024-01-15

    CEO Insight: Japan proves its reliability even during disasters

    Intensive preparations for emergencies reduce the impact of earthquakes and preserve the value of Japanese real estate.

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  3. 2023-12-11

    CEO Insight: A world turned upside down: Japanese investors support Western real estate markets

    The wave of overseas purchases by institutional investors from Japan is also the result of the foresight of the Bank of Japan, which has not been deterred by inflation.

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  4. 2023-12-11

    CEO Insight: German real estate market opens unique window of opportunity for Japanese buyers

    Japanese investors have a rare buying opportunity in Germany before the core European market is expected to recover from late 2024/early 2025.

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  5. 2023-11-16

    CEO Insight: Exit from quantitative easing in Japan no cause for concern for real estate investors

    Japan’s central bank is not being driven by rising prices but is cautiously and reliably striving to normalize monetary policy.

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  6. 2023-10-16

    CEO Insight: Japan executes its “Zeitenwende” with action, not words

    Japan proves to be a reliable partner of the “de-risking of China” coalition. The defense budget is doubled, and economic security is prioritized.

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  7. 2023-09-15

    CEO Insight: Immigration as Japan’s strategic response to population decline

    Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is opening the doors to foreign workers more than any government before him. Large segments of the population support this policy – because they consider it necessary.

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  8. 2023-08-15

    CEO Insight: US investors shift their focus to Japan

    For European investors, Japan can be the perfect alternative to their domestic crisis.

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  9. 2023-07-15

    CEO Insight: The Weak Yen as a Plus Alpha on Real Estate Yields in Japan

    The current depreciation of the Japanese currency against the euro and dollar will come to an end. Those who invest in Japanese real estate now can earn an attractive premium.

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  10. 2023-06-15

    CEO Insight: In Japan, Capitalism Works

    Government, business and the stock exchange work together to increase shareholder and stakeholder value. In this way, everyone benefits from the free market economy.

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