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Kensho Capital Management

Kensho Capital Management will combine the experience and expertise of 20 years of transformation and participation in the Japanese real estate market, which began tight at the start of the market’s institutionalization in 2000. Throughout that period, Dr. Meyer zu Brickwedde, Founder and CEO of Kensho Group, has been providing investment, asset and fund management in Japan, focusing on investment from German and European investors. His former venture, Kenzo, successfully launched and managed a German open end Spezialfonds for German/Swiss investors, investing in Japanese residential real estate. Kensho Capital Investment will utilize this unique experience to advise European investors and manage their investment in Japan. The company will provide advice and guidance to Japanese institutional investors targeting Europe as an investment region. Based on Kensho’s strong partnership with a major German-based European investment and asset management platform, the company will be solidly equipped to provide its services as a Centre of Competence in Japan for investments in Europe.

Kensho Realty Corporation

Kensho Realty Corporation provides investors with the most transparent access to real estate in Japan, including residential properties, hotels and mixed-use buildings. The company caters to institutional investors who are new to the Japanese market. In addition to its deep knowledge of the market, its wide network and solid reputation, the company impresses with its analytics of micro-market economy and thorough due diligence. Before the launch of the Kensho Group, the company strengthened its role with a team of experts in brokerage, underwriting and market research.

Japanese German Real Estate Bridge

The Japanese German Real Estate Bridge organizes conferences, round tables and webinars for real estate investors as well as asset and property managers from Germany and Japan. It also publishes data-based, online information on the real estate markets in both countries. This gateway for real estate professionals was founded by Kensho Investment Corporation and bulwiengesa AG to promote cross-border transactions in real estate between Japan and Germany.

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