Japanese German Real Estate Bridge

Bridging between Japan and Germany

The German analysis company for the real estate industry, bulwiengesa AG, and the Kensho Investment Corporation have long observed a strong increase in interest from Japanese investors in German real estate, and from German investors in Japanese real estate. Many of these institutional investors are looking for reliable and trustworthy contacts, data, analyses and insights into real estate investments in Japan and Germany. Bulwiengesa and Kensho have reacted to this by founding the information portal Japanese German Real Estate Bridge for German and Japanese real estate investors.

The two partners want to build bridges in both directions to promote cross-border real estate transactions by Japanese investors in Germany and German investors in Japan. With this aim in mind, the Japanese German Real Estate Bridge organizes conferences, round tables and webinars for investors, asset and property managers and other real estate professionals from both countries. Presentations and speeches made at these events are freely accessible on their websites, supplemented by regular news about important developments in both markets.

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