Mission and Partners


Mission and Partners

Value Adding Alliances

Kensho Investment Corporation

Kensho Investment Corporation is the evolution of Kenzo Capital Corporation and a newly established company that will benefit from the experience Kenzo has acquired while successfully establishing itself as an advisor to German/Swiss investors within the Japanese real estate market. Kensho will be able to build on the long-term experience of its founder and CEO in investment and asset management in real estate in Japan, including a successful premier launch and solid growth of the first-ever German open end real estate fund focusing on Japan. The company will invest in real estate operations and build investment business platforms, including joint ventures.

KGAL GmbH & Co KG (https://www.kgal.de/)

KGAL Group (KGAL) is a leading independent investment and asset manager with a managed investment volume of over €15 billion. The group sources, executes and manages long-term real asset investments in real estate, sustainable infrastructure and aviation. KGAL, which operates throughout Europe, was founded in 1968 and is headquartered near Munich, Germany. KGAL’s 345 employees are dedicated to achieving a sustainable, stable investment performance for the group’s clients, which include insurance companies, pension funds and other institutional investors from 14 countries. Kensho and KGAL will use their expertise and presence in Japan and Europe, respectively, to create opportunities for institutional investors to access new real estate investment markets via established, trusted partners.

bulwiengesa AG (https://www.bulwiengesa.de/)

bulwiengesa, based in Berlin, is one of the largest independent analysis companies in the real estate industry in continental Europe. The company has been supporting its partners and customers with data analysis of the real estate industry, locations and markets since 1983. Customers include developers, asset managers, institutional investors, banks, municipalities and property owners. The company provides them with well-founded data services, as well as strategic advice, and prepares tailor-made market reports. Kensho and bulwiengesa jointly operate the Japanese German Real Estate Bridge portal, which they co-founded.

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