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Sapporo grows its relevance in real estate

A connection to the Shinkansen network usually increases the real estate value in cities that become stops of the new line. You can see such a development in real-time now in Hokkaido: Sapporo Station is undergoing a major transformation in conjunction with the extension of the Shinkansen bullet train. Completion of the last section from Shin-Hakodate to the last stop Sapporo, about 211 kilometers, is scheduled for 2030. The “future shape” of the station was announced by a study group including the City of Sapporo and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. The new Shinkansen station building will be built on Sosegawa Dori, with a 245-meter-high, glass-walled skyscraper in front of it. The bus terminal will also undergo a major transformation. As a result, real estate prices in the area are expected to rise.

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