Privacy Policy

  1. Basic Policy

    Kensho Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Kensho”) strictly observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Law”) and other relevant laws and regulations, and establishes and continues to improve and enhance this privacy protection policy and its internal rules. Kensho keeps its customers’ personal information (as defined in Article 2.1 of the Personal Information Protection Law; the same shall apply hereinafter) appropriately in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in order to prevent leakage, loss, or falsification of personal information.

  2. Acquisition of Personal Information

    Kensho strives to provide customers necessary information including, but not limited to, the purpose of use, the scope of joint users, and the consulting service for inquiries from customers, before acquiring personal information.

  3. Use of Personal Information

    In performing its business, Kensho acquires personal information for the purpose of identifying the customer, performing business affairs concerning transactions and agreements, sending materials, and otherwise rendering transactions with customers efficient and appropriate. Kensho uses personal information within the scope of its business purpose for the performance of agreements and transactions, the introduction of products and services offered by Kensho, and for marketing activities including, but not limited to, market researches. Within the scope required for the achievement of said purposes, Kensho may also transfer such information to third parties including, but not limited to, its shareholders, business partners and agents. Furthermore, Kensho may record the content of a transaction or an inquiry, which will be used solely for handling the customer’s requests appropriately and promptly. Kensho immediately ceases to use the content upon the request of the customer.

  4. Provision to a Third Party

    Kensho will not provide or disclose customers’ personal information to any third party, unless Kensho has obtained the prior consent of the customer or in the cases stipulated in Article 3 above; provided that, Kensho may provide personal information without the customer’s consent, if it is necessary to comply with the request of government authorities, a local public body, or a person commissioned by any of such organizations under the applicable laws and regulations, if Kensho outsources the whole or a part of the handling of personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use (including outsourcing to a forwarding agency, accountants, tax accountants, and attorneys), or if disclosure is otherwise allowed by law.

  5. Outsourcing

    Kensho may outsource certain business affairs to subcontractors for the purpose of the efficient performance of our business and may commission the whole or a part of the handling of customers’ personal information in possession of Kensho to subcontractors within the scope required for achieving the purpose of use. In such event, Kensho shall appoint a subcontractor who meets the standards established by Kensho, shall conclude an agreement concerning the handling of personal information, and shall properly manage and supervises such subcontractor.

  6. Request for Disclosure of Personal Information

    If, concerning personal information in the possession of Kensho, a customer intends to request Kensho to provide a notice of the purpose of use, or to disclose, correct, cease to use, or delete the content thereof (hereinafter referred to as “Request for Disclosure”), the Request for Disclosure should be forwarded to the contact address set forth below. The Request for Disclosure is handled after the customer has been identified by means of a basic resident registration card, driver’s license, passport, or any other suitable form of identification. In addition, if Kensho provides a notice of the purpose of use or discloses personal information in response to a customer’s request, a fee may be charged to the customer as necessary.

  7. Kensho’s Contact Information

    The Request for Disclosure, questions, complaints, and other inquiries should be forwarded to the following address:

    Kensho Investment Corporation
    Sanno Park Tower, 3F
    2-11-1 Nagata-cho
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6162
    Tel: 03-6205-3039

  8. Kensho Investment Corporation
    Dr. Leonhard Meyer zu Brickwedde
    Representative Director

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